Turkey Beach is a small township whose pioneers embraced the natural assets associated with a Bush meets Beach setting to form the tranquil fishing community we have today.

The name Turkey Beach came from the Bustard or Scrub Turkey, shot by Captain Cook’s crew back in 1770 when they were discovering the coast.

In the 1940’s stockmen working with Turkey Station set up camps on the beach. Overtime more campers were attracted to this fisherman’s paradise, finding the fishing and crabbing bountiful.

The beach camp soon grew from a few beach shacks to a small settlement that required amenities for its residents.
Government Land Sales were conducted commencing in 1973. The original Shack owners had the opportunity of securing a block via a ballot which cost them $50.

The town has grown since then but it still remains
relatively undeveloped making it a great place to relax and take in the natural beauty that Turkey Beach offers.