We now have the web page advertising details complete.

The intent of this page is to promote Turkey Beach and surrounds. This includes Foreshores, Bororen and Miriam Vale.
We are not making money out of the web page but we do need to cover start up and ongoing costs.

All Business Goods, Services and rentals
To advertise for 12 months is $50.00. This includes 6 photos per add.
Also all the above is linked to the Tractor Bash page [and all others] on the site so anyone looking for accommodation or services etc has it all there. 
All/Any Community Groups cost is waivered.
Please keep in mind we do not have the capacity to update your add all the time and those that wish to do that can get limited access to their own add to complete changes.

Facebook, emails, phone number even your own web page you will need to supply those links for people to contact you.

Contact us on or and we can send the form to you. Or apply on this site.

Cheers Fran Bussa

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